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The Psycho Circus

Welcome to The Show

Our Psychotic Gang
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Anybody , Moderated
This is just a place for a group of people to plan their social outings and to goof off. If it seems that things have been dead for a while we may post silly comments, funny forwards, surveys or general observations. We can be quite insane and just need a place to fully express ourselves.
acting silly, alcohol, algonquin college, allan, american dad, anime, bad romance novels, balderdash, beer, being 20-something, biochemistry, board games, bowling, bubble tea, bubblicity, burning rituals, camping, canada, canada day, carleton university, casey's, casino de hull, cats, chinese food, christmas parties, chronicles of narnia, clubbing, cologuintida, concerts, dairi, dazed and confused, derek, dogs, dooly's, drawn together, dressing up as vikings, eastside mario's, fabio, family guy, fictional crushes, fiddler crabs, friendship, futurama, games nights, going out for coffee, going out for dinner, great big sea, greg, halloween parties, harry potter, heather, hockey games, japan, joe, karaoke, kari, kathleen, keystone species, laughter, lenticula, lieukemia research, lord of the rings, martini bars, merrigan, merrigan's house, moggan, movie nights, movies, music, natasha, new years eve, ottawa, parties, peter, queens university, rideau center, road trips, robin, rock climbing, rocky horror, rona, scattegories, sex and the city, shopping, silvercity, south park, speaking japanese, spermophile, sporting events, st. francis xavier university, st. patrick's day, star wars, stupid warrior cries, sushi, take-out, tarah, teaching, the byward market, the dead duck, the ex, the haunted walk, the highlander pub, the mayfair, the national arts center, the rideau canal, the simpsons, the telephone booth, tim horton's, true friends, trust, university of new brunswick, university of ottawa, v for vendetta, vertical reality, warrior women, winterlude